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Vets Choice Large Breed Puppy

Vets Choice Large Breed Puppy is formulated for the correct growth of large and giant breed dogs. A careful blend of selected high quality proteins ensure a well-balanced amino acid mix to support healthy growth.

Vets Choice Large Breed Adult

Vets Choice Large Breed Adult is formulated with a larger kibble to suit larger dogs' jaws and promote chewing. High quality protein is used to maintain lean muscle and taurine is added to assist with protection of the heart.

Vets Choice Sensitive


Vets Choice Golden Years

Vets Choice Golden Years is suitable older animals as quality of ingredients and the availability of nutrients are particularly important to older animals because of their reduced food intake and the possibility of altered digestion and absorption.

Vets Choice Puppy


Vets Choice Superior

Vets Choice Superior is suitable for adult dogs with high nutrient requirements. (Working or very active dogs, performance and show dogs, convalescent dogs). This calorie dense kibble meets the increased requirements of these dogs.

Vets Choice Premium

Vets Choice Premium is formulated for small to medium breed adult dogs. A careful blend of selected high quality proteins ensure lean muscle mass, while correct calcium to phosphorous ratio ensure sound skeletal health.

Vets Choice Lite

Vets Choice Lite levels of essential nutrients have been deliberately increased to compensate for a restricted intake whilst dieting, barley has been added to assist in weight control and gluco-modulation.